About Us

It wasn’t long ago that I was working my full time irrigation maintenance job that I realized that I was eating junk full time. I rushed to work in the morning, passing few food options on the way: a chain grocery store buffett, the king of all fast food chains, and a gas station with a line so long to deter me from pulling my car off the road at all. I noticed a shift in the way I was feeling, not just physically, but in every aspect of my life. At this point, I decided to make it my goal to only purchase healthy, fresh products of which I was able to comprehend their origin. I became obsessed with how these products were produced.

At this point, I was ready to start my first garden. Though I had some experience, it was mostly with one crop. After weeks, my plants started to grow and I had more food than I could handle. I took to the store in search of jarring equipment; my roommates and I spent several nights canning vegetables. Nonetheless, we only put a small dent in my vegetable surplus. I was determined to be a “food producer,” not a “food waster.”

I took to the streets to find like minded people who appreciate food, and started handing out starter plants. Years later now, i have started to grow my own produce to sell directly to customers and restaurants. I’ve devoted the better part of the my time to making a functional growing system as well as growing my relationships with local customers to fit their needs and hear their suggestions. I created Barrier Island Heirlooms to get produce to all people and to educate on how food affects the body. We look forward to serving you this season.

Brad Schaffer - Owner / Operator of Barrier Island Heirlooms

Giving Back

Barrier Island Heirlooms would not be possible without our community so we have made it a point give back whenever feasible. We not only offer training in agricultural practices, business sales, marketing, and culinary skills but we also give back to our fellow brothers and sisters in need. Supporting our business is supporting a farm that is able to give large amounts of produce to local soup kitchens and families in need when possible. We also offer an option to buy cards at a discount rate to give families in need a helping hand, you may choose the who gets these boxes or we can use our resources to find a local family who will benefit from them and make sure it gets to them at peak quality. We welcome suggestions for ways to keep building positive momentum in the future!

Locally grown and freshly picked

Our produce is so fresh that it is still warm from the field. Taste the difference with Barrier Island Heirlooms.

Delivered conveniently to your door

And available for pickup at a participating Farmer’s Market.

Unique and exclusive selections

Because we cut out the middleman, we offer unique foods not offered in local grocery stores. We also offer recipes and meal plans to go along with these exclusive foods!

Sustainably grown

We do not use pesticides on our produce. We strive to use the best sustainability practices to grow our food, because we know this leads to a better product.