Gypsy’s Sweet Island Heat

This hot sauce is a blend of seven different types of red sweet peppers, which were
picked at peak ripeness to deliver a sweet and tangy bite that is followed by a
tingling sensation from the hint of Anaheim and Cayenne peppers. We also use garlic
and salt in this vinegar-based sauce. We named this sauce after the heartbeat of our
team, Gypsy! She has been leading us through every stage of our business and can
answer any questions you may have!

Gypsy’s Sweet Island Heat is available for purchase at the farmer’s markets listed here!

John’s Island’s own Green Tomato “Chow Chow”

This pickled tomato relish is a Lowcountry take on “chow chow”. This recipe uses
over fifty percent tomatoes as opposed to most varieties on the shelf, which are
cabbage based with a small percentage of tomato added. The “chow chow” not only
adds color to any plate but it is a very healthy addition to any meal with turmeric,
ginger and black peppercorn mixed into our highly nutritious mix of green
tomatoes, sweet onions, cabbage, red peppers and other seasonings! This is sure to
make a lasting impression at any gathering whether it is family, friends or business!

John’s Island’s own Green Tomato “Chow Chow” is available for purchase at the farmer’s markets listed here!

“Boxcard” program

Barrier Island Heirlooms has teamed with Fresh Lowcal to bring our customers
options to save them money on weekly food expenses! We offer a 6-box card that
can be brought to any of our locations and punched in order to hand select your own
mixed produce box as often or seldom as you please. This is our way of rewarding
our loyal customers that keep our business up and running year after year! The
boxes are also available for weekly drop-offs, doorstep deliveries and there are
zero-commitment options where you can still receive discounted herbicide and
pesticide free produce one box at a time. Your satisfaction and convenience is our
goal, because we know that having healthy food available makes all the difference
when it comes to having a consistent diet even when living a busy and productive
life. We realize these are the hardest times to make time to source the food we need
to keep our brains and bodies at peak performance so we want to help take some of
the strain away!

Pick up a Boxcard Card at the farmer’s markets listed here!

“Farmer’s Friends” Loyalty Program

Barrier Island Heirlooms Farm Loyalty program is a rewards program that comes
with each purchase of a “Farmcard”. This membership allows us to send you offer on
the latest and greatest creations coming from farm to jar! Your feedback helps us
develop products that allow us to move towards being a zero-waste sustainable
farm, while enjoying “home-made” family dinner style snacks, pickles and
condiments that come in all shapes sizes and flavors. We have teamed with
“Condimental SC” to process everything we make in a DEHEC certified kitchen with
our highly recognized, award winning team of chef and farmer seeing everything
through from seed to jar. These items will not be available to the general public for
online sale, we will ask loyalty members for fair donations and occasionally bring
some of what we make to certain tasting events. For those who are not local, we can
offer a club membership separately, and ship our items as they are jarred to last.

Pick up a Boxcard Card at the farmer’s markets listed here!